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Are You Wondering How to Build and Grow Your Creative Or Healing Business?

We can help you in all aspects of your business building. Including creating summits, setting up courses, and reaching more people to share your creative or healing offerings. All in alignment with your goals, your values, and your ethics. Build your business in a way that works for you.

Business Building

Learn to align your business with your ethics and values instead of trying to make your ethics and values fit a "normal" business model.


How to create online courses to showcase what you have to offer. All the steps from the plan to celebrating with your students.


We offer Kajabi coaching. Landing pages, automation, course creation, podcast setup, everything to build your business on Kajabi


A step-by-step walk through of creating a summit from beginning to end. Whether it is one-to-one coaching, strategic planning, or self-paced learning.

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Build Your Business in Alignment with your Values, Ethics, and Life Goals

Aligned Business Building Mastermind

Are You a Woman,  building or growing your heart-centered online business?

I am calling on you.

Learn to align your online business with your ethics and values instead of trying to make yourself feel okay with a "normal" business model.

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One to One Coaching

One to One coaching allows you to dig into what is holding you back, why you are stuck, and what to do next.

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What People Are Saying

"Let's talk about Larissa. She's amazing. The things that she does, the summits. Have you guys done one of the summits, they are superb. They're full of intriguing people, the topics that she covers are amazing, and the products that she outlines for her clients are awesome.

Cheryl Cooper 

CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) at The Cheryl Cooper

"Larissa has been such a gift in my world. The size of this woman's heart is so big. It's the amount that she wants to help people, the amount that she's there for you. And really is there anything she doesn't do? Summits, and podcasts, and creative healing, and journaling, and writing and on and on. Like her talents are just overwhelming. And she's somebody who comes from the heart, and that's what's really important in my world, people who really resonate from the heart and that's all it is.

April Terreau

Sacred Sisterhood of Sexuality

"If you get a chance, I absolutely recommend that you work with Larissa in one of her summits, one of her programs, or even just connecting with Larissa online, you will not be disappointed." 

Kate Milne

Age Sister


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Kajabi is the all-in-one platform, courses, website, email, podcast, blog, and so much more.

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