This is Where Feminine Energy Fuels Entrepreneurial Success

Unveil Your Business Potential in Harmony with Your True Self

Welcome to a space where your business aspirations and personal values are not just aligned, but intricately interwoven. The Aligned Business Building Mastermind is more than a program; it's a sanctuary where your entrepreneurial spirit meets the nurturing power of a supportive community of women.


You feel like you're constantly spinning your wheels in your business without seeing real results.
You are frustrated by the lack of support and accountability in your entrepreneurial journey.
You feel "icky" with the marketing tactics you've been taught.
The business model you've been told is the "only" way, feels out of alignment with how you want to run your business.
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You can have a profitable business and run it in a way that is alignment with how you want to live your life.
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You don't have to use icky, yucky, pushy, or other marketing "tactics"  you may have been taught are the only way. 
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You don't have to go it alone. You can be a solopreneur with a support system in place to encourage and celebrate you and your business.


Work fewer hours and build your business faster and more in alignment with what you want.

Are you tired of feeling unfulfilled in your online business and struggling to align it with what you want?
Do you crave a supportive community of like-minded individuals who understand the unique challenges of being a female entrepreneur?

the Aligned Business Building Mastermind

is designed specifically for women like you! This program provides a comprehensive approach to help you build and grow your online business with purpose and intention.


Your Path to Aligned Success

Embrace the journey where your business and personal growth are not separate paths, but a harmonious journey towards fulfillment and success. The Aligned Business Building Mastermind is your space to flourish, to connect, and to transform.
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Take your business to the next level and achieve the success you deserve with...
⚡ Transformative Weekly Coaching: Experience the power of coaching that goes beyond business strategies, delving into personal growth, intuition, and alignment with your inner wisdom.
Collaborative Co-creation Sessions: Join hands with fellow women entrepreneurs in a vibrant co-creative environment. Witness the birth of groundbreaking ideas and initiatives in a space that cherishes collective success.
Twice Monthly Financial Work Sessions: Empower Your Financial Wisdom. Stand in your power and look at how your money is flowing in your business.
 Nurturing Business Planning: Whether weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly, planning in alignment with your energies, your desires, and your goals.
Holistic Business Workshops: Our workshops are a fusion of practical business skills and holistic self-care practices. We empower you to confidently lead, balancing professional acumen with personal well-being.
Empowering Networking Opportunities: Connect with a network of women who share your vision and values. Build meaningful relationships that transcend professional boundaries, creating a web of mutual support and inspiration.
Recordings for all training and coaching sessions, giving you the advantage to listen at your convenience.
Resources, so many resources: Templates, Workbooks, challenges, workshops, and other vital aligned business resources.
 Plus, as a member, you'll receive a 40% discount on any one-to-one coaching, giving you even more support to achieve your goals. See below for how you can add 6 one-to-one coaching sessions for FREE.
⚡ And most importantly, a community of amazing and supportive women on a similar journey

Key Elements for Growing a Successful Business

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The success of your business is deeply rooted in your mindset. It's not just about having a great product or service, or even having a solid business plan. Your mindset plays a critical role in your ability to succeed. Learn to overcome what is holding you back.
Your thoughts control your feelings, which determines your action, leading to the result. Learn how to change your thoughts.
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Finances are crucial to the success of any business, and it's essential to prioritize financial management in every aspect of your operations. By doing so, you'll be able to make informed decisions, plan for the future, and ultimately grow your business to new heights.
Learn simple ways to track you finances and look at why you may not have previously been paying attention.
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Planning is essential to help you stay focused on your goals and ensure that you're taking the right steps to achieve them. It allows you to set specific targets, and develop a plan for reaching them, to prioritize tasks, allocate resources, and stay on track.
With planning sessions, co-working sessions and more, learn how to implement a system that works for you to achieve success.
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Accountability is paramount in running a successful online business.
Online co-working sessions with other business owners can be a powerful tool to foster accountability. These sessions create a collaborative environment where you can work alongside like-minded individuals, share ideas, and hold each other accountable for meeting goals and deadlines. By participating in these online co-working sessions, you're more likely to stay on track and maintain a high level of productivity.
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Learning new business ideas and adapting to changing circumstances is critical for the success and growth of any business. By staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends, you can gain a competitive advantage, identify new opportunities, and stay ahead of the curve. Adapting to change can also help you overcome challenges and navigate uncertain times. Business owners who are open to new ideas and willing to adapt to change are more likely to succeed in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.
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While it's essential to plan and strategize, getting stuck in analysis paralysis and overwhelm can be detrimental to progress. It's important to remember that no plan is perfect, and the only way to learn is to take action and make adjustments as necessary. Taking action can help you gain momentum and build confidence, leading to a more positive outlook and increased productivity. Learn ways to stop overthinking and make a decision to move forward.

Stop sitting on the sidelines, take action today!

Glowing Reviews from Current Members

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“If you're if you're seeking accountability, we can help you with that, because we have co-working sessions daily, basically.”
“We help you be accountable to yourself, with our group, you show up every day and, work for an hour and see how much you can get done.”
“The conversations we're able to have, move us beyond our own limiting beliefs.
“Incremental changes. This is a platform, a structure that supports us, and not just supports us but encourages us, and holds space for us to incrementally up level as we choose. And also, if we want to go further, you want to go for it, here's this and here's this and dive in and do all this.”
“The key word that's rising up in me is flexible. Flexibility, because feminine flow, we like it flexible. We don't want rigidity. We want structure but not rigid. Bit by bit, or hey, stay the whole day. There's stuff going on all day long.”
“There's just so much I love about the Aligned Business Building mastermind, that I can't narrow it down to one thing, but it's all really awesome.
“So many of the groups are all about supplying coaching, and learning. And I feel like one of the things in this group is more about application, you know, that let's have the co-working let's apply what we've learned.”
“It's the blending of the masculine container that holds like a cauldron that holds the magical feminine flow and collaborative energies within.”

Ready to Align Your Business with Your Vision?

Join the Aligned Business Building Mastermind today. Connect with us to begin your journey of personal and professional transformation.


⭐You're a Woman Entrepreneur Seeking Alignment: You're looking for a space where your business goals and personal values are not just aligned but are celebrated as one. You understand that success is more than just profits; it's about creating a business that resonates with your soul.
⭐You Believe in the Power of Community: You thrive in collaborative environments and understand the strength that comes from a supportive network of like-minded women.
⭐You're Open to Intuitive and Holistic Approaches: You're open to integrating intuition and holistic practices into your business planning and decision-making.
⭐You Value Personal Growth as Much as Business Success: You see personal development as a crucial part of your entrepreneurial journey and are committed to continuous learning and self-discovery.
⭐You're Ready to Invest in Yourself and Your Business: You understand that this mastermind is an investment in both your personal and professional growth, and you're ready to commit the time, energy, and resources necessary to make the most of this experience.


❌You Prefer Strictly Conventional Business Approaches: If your focus is solely on traditional business methods and metrics, without room for holistic or intuitive practices, this mastermind may not align with your approach.
❌You're Not Open to Collaboration and Sharing: This mastermind thrives on mutual support and shared growth. If you prefer to work in isolation or are not open to co-creation, this might not be the right fit.
❌You Expect Immediate Results Without Personal Work: While we provide tools and support for growth, the transformative results of this mastermind require your active participation and willingness to delve into both personal and business development.
You're Not Ready to Embrace Change: This journey is about evolution and transformation. If you're not at a stage where you're ready to embrace change and challenge your existing paradigms, this mastermind might not be suitable for you at this time.

Step into your power. Align your vision. Transform your business.

Rave Reviews

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Cheryl Cooper of The Cheryl Cooper
“Larissa Russell is freaking amazing from one end to the other, her knowledge, her creativity, her passion, and her love for helping people to succeed in creative ways, is awesome. Her brain is so full of information that helps you to succeed and she just gives it so freely. So I would highly encourage you to work with her.”
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Elizabeth Sanchez of the Magnificent Mamas Collective
Larissa Russell is incredible. Not only is she somebody who empowers, inspires, and encourages, she comes from the heart. She brings together her creativity, her wisdom, and her offerings,  as she freely gives of herself. But, you get the best when you work one-on-one with her because she gets really high tuned in to you, and what you have going on in your business, and she helps you 10x the process of your success.

Hi, I'm Larissa Russell

I have been exactly where you are now.
I'm an entrepreneur, speaker, author, coach, and healer. I am passionate about helping women step into their authenticity with the help of creativity, whether that be in business or life.
In my first online business Creative U Healing, I offer online coaching and learning to help women make positive changes in their lives with the help of creativity. My unique perspective helps women learn and feel comfortable with their boundaries, as well as what they really want from their lives.
Creative U Business is where I can help you identify your strengths and unique selling points to build a successful online business that you're passionate about, and that aligns with your life goals. With my extensive experience and unique perspective, I'm confident that I can help you build and grow your online business.
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Join the Aligned Business Building Mastermind Today

To learn how to align your actions and goals with your true purpose, to achieve greater success and fulfillment.



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  • Recordings
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Why You Want to Be A Member

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High Praise

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April Terreau of Sacred Sisterhood of Sexuality

“Larissa has been such a gift in my world. The size of this woman's heart is so big. It's the amount that she wants to help people, the amount that she's there for you. And really is there anything she doesn't do? Summits, and podcasts, and creative healing, and journaling, and writing and on and on. Like her talents are just overwhelming.”

Don't wait any longer to turn your vision into reality.

Start taking action towards your aligned business now!

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