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Navigating Email List Cleaning: Strategies for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

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As we continue our journey through the imminent mail security changes coming this February, today's blog post zeroes in on a crucial aspect of email marketing – list cleaning. Whether you're managing a cozy list of a few hundred or juggling an expansive one with over 10,000 contacts, understanding and implementing effective list cleaning practices is vital. 

Once you implement these authentication steps, you’re not just a sender; you're an entity with a reputation to uphold. Especially in the eyes of giants like Google and Microsoft, your domain will start building its own reputation.

Monitor Your Email Stats: After implementing these protocols, watch your email performance closely. A slight drop in open rates is normal, but anything drastic requires attention. If needed, don’t hesitate to roll back the changes and take a slower approach.

Before we dive in, I would recommend you give this blog post a read as removing hundreds if not thousands of emails from your list can take its emotional toll. 

For the Smaller Lists: A Lighter Lift with Big Rewards

If your list falls under 10,000 contacts, breathe easy! You've got less groundwork before implementing the authentication steps (SPF, DKIM, and DMARC). Remember, a smaller list means less risk in the eyes of giants like Google when you start authenticating. But before you take that step, here's what you need to do:

  1. Clean Your List: Regular list cleaning is a must. If you haven't done it recently, now is the time. Remove subscribers who haven't engaged with your emails in at least 90 days (60 days if you email frequently). This helps in boosting open rates and ensures your emails are reaching those who genuinely value them.

  2. Check Block List Status: Make sure you're not on any significant block lists. If you are, it's crucial to address this before proceeding with authentication. This checkup is vital for the health and reputation of your email list.

For the Larger Lists: Tread with Care

Managing a list over 10,000? You need to be extra cautious post-authentication. Large lists can be tricky, and a wrong move might affect your deliverability. Here's what you should consider:

  1. Be Mindful of Volume: Sending a massive number of emails immediately after authentication can raise flags. Begin with smaller, more controlled email blasts to establish your reputation gradually.

  2. Monitor Engagement: Keep an eye on how your audience responds to your emails. A slight drop in open rates post-authentication is normal, but anything significant needs attention.

Reviving a Cold List: Handle with Care

Haven't reached out to your list in a while? Here's how to re-engage without risking your reputation:

  1. Segment Your Contacts: Completely remove subscribers who never engaged with your emails. Start re-engagement with those who have interacted with your emails in the past.

  2. Send Re-engagement Emails Carefully: Limit it to two or three emails. Remind them of who you are, how they know you, and why they should care.

  3. Set Clear Expectations: Inform them about what kind of content they can expect moving forward and offer them an easy way to opt-out.

  4. Remove Unengaged Contacts: After a week or so, remove those who don’t engage with your re-engagement emails.

Or, it may be time to dump them all and start over with a more engaged list, starting from where you are at, instead of where you were. You've changed, they've changed and instead of hurting your reputation you may want to rebuild.

List Cleaning: Your Ticket to a Healthy Email Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re just starting or revamping your approach, remember that list cleaning is not just a chore; it's an opportunity. It's about refining your audience to those who are truly interested in what you offer. With the upcoming mail security changes, this practice becomes even more crucial.

So, dear heart-centered entrepreneurs, as you prepare for these changes, embrace list cleaning as a critical step in your journey. It's not just about complying with new standards but about nurturing a genuinely engaged community around your brand.

Until our next post, keep your marketing strategies aligned with your values, and let's make every email count! 

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